Unfortunately, many talented female architects suffered from the negative consequences of the misogynistic social structure in which they worked. Even when they completed brilliant and important work, women rarely received the credit for their accomplishments. Oftentimes the legacy of their work was pushed to the back due to the ascension of their colleagues, as was the case for Aino Aalto, Eileen Gray, Ray Eames and Charlotte Perriad. Others, like Lily Reich, suffered from the consequences of political upheaval. Marion Mahony Griffin, for example, collaborated with Frank Lloyd Wright (although she wasn’t recognized), and she was a great designer and illustrator of the Prairie style, in addition to carrying out a project for the city of Canberra in Australia. The best known case, however, is Denise Scott Brown, whose work was blatantly ignored while her husband received the Pritzker Prize alone for work that was notoriously collaborative.

Charlotte Perriand


Country of origin: France

Born: 1903

Died: 1999

Education: École de L’Union Centrale de Arts Decoratifs, Paris

Places of professional performance: France

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