Carla Juaçaba


Country of origin: Brazil

Born: 1976

Died: -

Education: Saint Ursula University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Places of professional performance: Brazil

Sustainable architecture is quickly gaining more importance and attention. Rather than just thinking of the building as a product, it is important to look at the whole construction process, with a focus on using alternative materials, saving resources and maintaining an ecological balance. By reducing a building’s environmental impact, saving energy and water, and providing a a more natural relationship with the environment, this type of architecture has become a reference point for those seeking a greener world. Françoise Hélène Jourda has developed projects and academic studies focusing on sustainable architecture. Carla Juaçaba has also stood out in the field of sustainable design, known especially for the relationship between her work and its context. Leiko Motomura, on the other hand, is known for her use of bamboo in construction.

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